Sam. The Good Person. Tonight.


Still a few tickets left for tonights premiere of Sam.The Good Person. Grab one quick and then grab a cocktail in The Snug Bar to celebrate your brilliant decision.

When your mind won’t let you differentiate between the truth and a lie, facts becomes irrelevant and the only thing that matters is the story you are telling.

‘Sam, The good person’ is a darkly comic yet disturbing and unsettling solo play. Join Sam at the addicts anonymous meeting where he has sat silently observing for months, just waiting for the day they ask him to stand up and tell a story you won’t ever forget.

Reviews for previous solo work from Declan Perring (@DeclanPerring)

” A stunning portrayal from Declan Perring who somehow squeezes a stadium-sized performance into this tiny basement space” – The Stage *****

He is a master, changing pace, character and mood all in a split second” – Three Weeks *****

Perring’s performance truly deserves for your hands to ache.” – The Skinny *****

“Such an utterly committed performance, such a full-hearted commitment, from real tears to real laughter.” – Fringe Review *****

Thurs 8:00pm
Sat 7:30pm  Buy Tickets

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