ghosted ink tamogochi

Q. What do you call an only child with 30+ siblings?

A. Courtney McMahon

Beige Walls & Navy Sofas is an autobiographical storytelling piece performed by the source herself. Courtney McMahon re-traces her childhood, growing up in a Catford council flat during the early 200’s. Whilst reflecting on the recent treatment of working-class families across London and continuing cuts on social services Beige Walls & Navy Sofas was created. Beige Walls & Navy Sofas explores the ‘alternative sisterhood’ between Courtney and Jess, highlighting the themes of childhood, social services, sisterhood, loss and self reflection. The piece uses spoken word, karaoke and includes a nostalgic boogie; Beige Walls & Navy Sofas is a story that has been filed away, like many others, now it’s time to open the filing cabinets and share it.

Directed by Holly Bond, Written/Performed by Courtney McMahon, Produced by Ghostedink Arts Collective.

Insta – @ghostedink

Twitter – @Ghostedink_Arts

FB – Ghostedink Arts Collective

Web –

Tickets £5 (£4 Students)

Sunday 10th – 7:30pm Buy Tickets

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