Grimm’s Collecting Agency


A Pop-Up Story Collecting booth and Free Performance created by Teatro Vivo

Collecting stories is a family business for the Grimms, handed down through the generations – ever since their great great great great grandfathers, those famous brothers, heard the one about Hansel and Gretel. On a mission to assess the state of the nation, the Grimms will be collecting stories. Your stories…

From Monday 4th June – Sunday 10th June the Grimms’ Collecting Agency Booth will take up residence at Catford Fringe Festival at The Broadway Theatre. Drop in and share your stories. Is there a legend in your family? Do you have a tale about the street you live in or how you came to Catford? Perhaps you know a ghost story or a favourite yarn that makes you think differently about the world. Or maybe you can make one up in the moment! Come to the GRIMMS’ COLLECTING AGENCY and write it, draw it, record it and share it with us.

On Sunday 10th June at 5.30pm in the Studio the Story Collecting Grimms will perform a selection of their favourite stories that they have seen, heard and read.

The Story Collecting Booth and Performance are all free to attend and experience.
Whisper in our ear or tell it to us here:

Almost anywhere is a possible stage for this most creative of theatre groups. The challenge they set themselves is to break free of tradition, reinterpret the classics and collaborate with their audience. Absolutely not the West End.” The Guardian

Sunday 5:30pm – Free Reserve Ticket

Teatro Vivo     @teatrovivo

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