We Need The Eggs


An artist draws the same image repeatedly with indomitable zeal. A convenience shopkeeper eschews convenience to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Richard Todd returns to Edinburgh with a new show. Fools? Maybe! Obsessed? Certainly! Pension Plans? Probably not. Let’s go meet them!
In celebration of the human spirit, Richard Todd prods hope’s perpetually moribund body with the indubitable stick of logic and asks: ‘Why won’t it die?’

‘Some comics have a gift of words that touches their work with wonder. Richard Todd is such a comic… Painfully funny… Like finding The Fall guesting on X-Factor.’ THE SCOTSMAN ****

‘A talent entirely of his own.’ – FEST ****

‘Painfully funny.’ EDFEST MAG****

‘Flashes of brilliance with complex, imaginative surrealism and an endearingly chaotic style’ – THE SKINNY

‘… A smart surrealist…’ THE INDEPENDENT


Tuesday 5th, 9pm  Buy Tickets

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