Scarlett Dobson:Straight Outta Catford (Work in Progress)

Scarlett Dobson burst onto the London open spot circuit in 2017 having graduated from the prestigious University of Kent Drama department.

“The crowd roared with laughter at Scarlett’s self-ridicule…” -Inquire, UKC newspaper

“Very engaging and great stage presence. Nicely thought out material. Will go a long way.” -Christian Steel
A born and bred Catford girl with roots from Ireland, India and the Caribbean, she’s frustrated about what is happening to her neighbourhood. Contemplating a move to the north due to spiralling property prices and gentrification, Straight Outta Catford (Work in Progress) is a hilarious call to arms. How can someone born and raised locally not be able to live amoung her family and community? Scarlett explores her roots and her place in the world in this hilarious debut show.
Tuesday 5th, 8pm – £5 Buy Tickets

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