Peter, Paul & Gordon


Peter, Paul & Gordon are joining the fray to help us get our festival started with a bang. To catch them for free be sure to be at the theatre for their 7:30pm slot. P, P & G are a new local trio who perform a wide variety of styles of music using a variety of instruments and sounds. Expect to hear anything from Al Jolson to Neil Young. Also  expect to see gloves, shop bells, squeaky toys and plastic tubes among the standard band instruments.

They have been described as a Folk n Foley band, but they are much more than this, turning their musical spotlight onto anything from Music hall to Art House Rock. Mick Hobbs has long been an experimenter with musical textures and sounds. Half Japanese & Officer! are amongst a number of his other musical incarnations. Mary Currie has one of the richest voices on the London music scene and in the 80s, along with Gareth Williams of This Heat,  created Flaming Tunes; a lo-fi album which has become a cult classic. Alison Craig has come to singing rather late in life (after a bruising early experience at Eliot Bank Primary School) and she is hoping to make up for lost time, but she wont be giving up her day job yet which is doing Foley work for Radio Plays.

Monday 7:30pm




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