Theatre Tots come to play

Festival weekend brings our friends at Theatre Tots with 3 great, fun and interactive shows on Saturday morning.

At 11am – The Star that Lost it’s Twinkle, a tale of a rabbit who wanted to go into space and what happened when she finally got there! Follow Ruby into space in our musical, tail tapping adventure.

(30 mins followed by 30 mins workshop) £8 for children, £6 for adults

2pm – The Lost Rainbow, In a magical part of the sea there is a magical bubble. In the magical bubble live magical fish. One day two of these magical fish, Sid and Dulcie, find something truly amazing in the sea. What will they do next?

(30 mins followed by 30 mins workshop) £8 for children, £6 for adults

3.30pm – Story Seekers is a unique opportunity for children to devise, write and illustrate their own story. Working with Laura James, local author and Bev Wilson, local illustrator, children will create a new tale with Laura then work with Bev to bring it to life. Children will leave with a version of their stories to keep forever.

£10 for children, £16 for siblings Buy Tickets



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